I partner with executives, leaders and change agents who are accountable for growth in their organizations and under pressure to create an executable strategy that leads to bottom-line results.

When you’re facing tremendous pressure from the executive team, the board and other stakeholders, it can be difficult to sift through the complexity and confusion to identify the high-value opportunities that yield maximum returns.  That’s where I come in.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience working with 12 business models across 22 countries, I’ll help you identify the right project, the right team and the right plan for the exact circumstances, timing and stage that you and your organization are currently facing. In working with execs and organizations across industries, I have found that it takes the right combination of all three elements – in the right order and sequence – to create the significant growth and lasting value you’re on the line to deliver.  If one of these elements is missing or not designed with your unique strategy, resources, and context in mind, you will waste time, money and other precious resources.

In fact, it’s not a question of IF, but HOW MUCH will be lost from missed deadlines, misallocated resources and disillusioned team members.

Does this sound anything like what you and your team are currently experiencing? Do you:

  • feel the pressure of identifying “investment worthy” projects?
  • experience the pain of projects being rolled out late – along with missed financial expectations?
  • know that it’s time to get ahead of the dizzying pace of industry shifts so you and your organization don’t fall behind?
  • notice that your enterprise has become reactive and fragmented, rather than bringing forward great new ideas?
  • experience roadblocks getting the operations and sales teams to buy in and accept new products and services?

If this sounds familiar, let’s chat so we can discuss the specific solutions I can offer you.  Give me a call or send an email so I can understand more about your unique circumstances and challenges.  You can reach me on my direct line at 847-651-1014.

How I Can Help

I understand what it takes to identify strategic opportunities and design projects that will move you forward – and in a way that produces improved customer and partner relationships, more capable and energetic team members and better financial results. With that in mind, I offer three categories of services that are designed to meet you where you are now and produce an achievable set of actions to move you to the next level of growth and results.

Executive Coaching

I work directly with senior leaders on their toughest challenges around moving from “innovation concept” to “on the ground” results.

  • WHY: In today’s multi-generational, fast-moving corporate workplace, it’s critical to have an experienced strategist that’s dedicated to helping you make the right decisions in a timely and integrated way. Also, you need a trusted advisor to direct you towards the strategies that will yield the growth and innovation results you’re expected to deliver.
  • WHAT: This 1:1 executive coaching is customized to provide measurable progress against your specific challenges in finding the right project, the right team and the right plan. This will enable you to produce the growth and results your stakeholders are expecting.
  • WHO IT’S FOR: Executive team members who are accountable for growth as well as their high-potential staff.  Typical titles include: CEO, CTO, CMO, CIO, EVP, SVP, VP and Director.
  • HOW: Sessions are delivered virtually (via phone or Skype) on a schedule that aligns with your time commitments and travel schedule.  (In-person sessions are also available for an additional fee and travel expenses.)

Speaking & Workshops

I deliver impactful keynotes and interactive diagnostic workshops that address and remove the barriers to innovation and speed up the pathway from ideation to execution.

  • WHY: Even with well-designed execution plans, teams and organizations often struggle to grasp the vision, generate consistent progress and drive to completion in today’s fragmented and distracted workplace.  From my 30+ years of experience, I know that mutual investment in a shared foundation is a powerful driver of team performance that can lead to new vocabulary, fresh perspective and greater organizational momentum ( and results!). This leads to a reduction in waste and accelerated progress.
  • WHAT: Keynotes and workshops are based on 30+ years of application experience and delivered using fresh examples and stories that allow your team to go back and immediately apply new frameworks, ideas and skills.  These action-oriented sessions are tailored specifically for conferences, staff & department meetings, project kickoff sessions, and full day strategy intensives. Click here for a description of my most popular sessions.
  • WHO IT’S FOR: Boards, Leadership Teams, Cross-Functional Teams, Professional Associations and Industry Groups.
  • HOW: Sessions are built on a foundation of tested experience and research combined with first-person experiential storytelling.  Workshops are customized to each audience and organization and include pre-interviews with key executives, the development of custom content elements for use in the workshop and a follow-up integration call to help the team apply key learnings.


I work with leaders to develop custom projects, build teams and create plans that deliver measureable value to the firm.

  • WHY: The painful truth is that millions of dollars of time, talent and capital are wasted each year in the pursuit of innovation programs that do not have the three critical components you need for growth: the right project, the right team and the right plan.  In addition to the financial costs, these missed opportunities impact everything from customer and partner engagement to employee satisfaction to brand value, making it difficult to retain your competitive advantage.
  • WHAT: With every consulting engagement, we start with a diagnostic intensive which includes a deep dive to explore the current stage of your organization. This includes the strategic goals, challenges and opportunities and the benchmarks that the team or organization is expected to achieve.  We’ll then use this information to identify the core opportunity and build a custom consulting project that will create the most direct path to locking in those benefits for your organization – either through a recommended decision, plan of action or path of implementation.
  • WHO IT’S FOR: Growth-oriented firms that have momentum in a core business and a team that has the ability to execute and needs to grow at above market rates.  While I have worked with select small firms and individuals that do business with larger public and private firms, a typical client has more than $125M in sales.
  • HOW: Using the proven strategies, research, case examples and tools, I work side by side with you and your team in an authentic and collaborative way. This includes frequent communications, the rapid surfacing of successes and challenges, and crisp actions.

No matter what stage you are at in your innovation work, you owe it to yourself and your stakeholders to have an outside strategic partner who has experience and objectivity to help you identify the right project, the right team and the right plan so you can achieve the bottom-line results you’re expected to deliver.

Give me a call at 847-651-1014 or send an email so we can discuss your unique circumstances and challenges, as well as explore the specific solutions I can offer you.