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When Senior Leaders Get Stuck and Innovation Stalls: How This Sets the Stage for Peer Leadership From the Middle

I was having a great conversation with a well-connected senior executive coach who works with Fortune 50 firms on the West Coast, and the conversation turned to the faltering innovation that quickly follows when the senior team leaders cannot agree. There is nothing that freezes a team like senior leaders at odds over strategy and […]

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4 Powerful Lessons in Innovation from the Recycled Orchestra

  Please take a minute to watch this amazing video.  It’s a very moving story about how a poor community of 2,500 people living on a landfill in Paraguay spotted an opportunity to create instruments from trash.  Aside from being an incredibly inspiring story, there are some powerful lessons here about innovation and the ability […]

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When Cultures Clash – 3 Keys to Keep the Value from Vanishing

The recent news of the Microsoft offer to acquire Nokia’s handset business has brought many layers of responses regarding technology, market niche and global footprint.  Very few commentators have hit on what I see as the real issue, however: culture clash.  With the button-down, northern European hardware culture of the Finns in stark contrast to the software-centric […]

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Why Every Breakthrough Idea Needs a Raft

Imagine this: you’ve just left your boss’ office and you were given the ball on a major, new, cross-functional project. You are buzzing with ideas about who you need, what you need, and the time and effort it’s going to take. The question running through your mind in those moments is what should I do […]

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Three Ways to Engage Your Growth Leaders

Now that you know the value of growth leaders and how to spot the good ones, what do you do to keep them engaged? Entire books have been written on this topic, but let me touch on three key areas from my experience. 1) Ask them to go into new places and learn new things If a request […]

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3 Reasons You Need a Growth Leader

The global financial crisis of 2008 shifted the business world in a fundamental way. No longer is it sufficient to have a stream of products or a portfolio of solutions.  To be effective and vibrant in this new world you need a portfolio of business models.  Business model engineering is done by a new breed […]

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3 Stages of Rockstar Growth Leaders & How to Spot Them

Finding someone with just the right combination of qualities to lead a growth project for your organization can be tough. To make matters worse, they can be hiding right under your nose in the most unlikely places. The search for under-the-radar growth leaders is not unlike the story of the Detroit-based musician Rodriguez — while […]

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How to Blow Your Next Meeting Out of the Water

I was meeting with a colleague this week and we were commenting about the relative rarity of meeting with people who have truly done their homework prior to holding a discussion.  How many times have you met with someone who is clearly “winging it,” and starting with the sketchiest of intentions?  We used to call […]

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