As an executive leader and decision maker, you are accountable for leading your team from ideation to execution. This includes finding the right project, building the right team, and using the right plan so that results are guaranteed – on time and under budget.

While this level of personal responsibility can be exhilarating, it can also turn into a source of overwhelming pressure. Between pressure from the board for growth and execution, pressure from analysts and stakeholders for flawless financial performance, and even pressure to recruit the best talent for your project, it can be easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Also, it can be hard to identify and know for sure which strategies will deliver the fresh growth your stakeholders are counting on.

Although the way forward is not always clear, the key to success comes down to three pivotal decisions:

  • Identifying the right project for right now; and
  • Putting together the right team that can bring it to life; and
  • Designing a clear, executable strategy that keeps the team focused when the organizational resistance builds up and momentum slows.

When you get these pivotal decisions right, it not only removes risk and creates peace of mind, but it creates the clarity and direction needed to achieve the measurable results your board, stakeholders and you want most. More importantly, your organization will have hunger, momentum and capacity to create the next innovation – and what’s required for lasting success.

About Scott Propp

I help executives and teams bridge the gap between ideation and execution to create measurable results. I’ve been doing that inside boardrooms and across continents for more than 30 years.

Breadth: I have conducted business in more than 20 countries with over twelve different business models. I have leadership experience in functions ranging from R&D, Development Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Production Operations, Corporate Technology and Strategic Marketing.

Depth: In my role as a Fortune 100 executive, I have held full P&L and budget responsibility to the $100m + level in multi $B firms, directed operational turnarounds, built factories internationally, hired hundreds of people, led international cross-functional programs and delivered results that led to product and market breakouts. I have negotiated complex supply chain relationships, helped small firms “tuck into” large firms and spun pieces of large firms into small businesses.

Unique Expertise: Even the best ideas and well-crafted strategies get stalled in “the murky middle” between ideas and implementation. Without a plan to bridge that gap, it’s not a question of if, but how many resources – including time, energy and money – will be wasted. With my unique combination of technological expertise, leadership experience and operational acumen to navigate turbulent conditions, I’m known for my ability to help select the project, recruit the team, and lay out a strategic layered plan for execution.

The bottom line: I’m able to help you successfully put together the right project for the right time and get it on the right path.

I have hard-won skills and an uncanny sixth sense to help you build teams that collaborate and work together to produce remarkable results – both internal and external, from all disciplines and departments, with different backgrounds, vocabularies and temperaments.

Got a difficult problem? ? I’d like to help you with it. Check out my Services Page and sign up here for a complimentary consultation.