Scott’s background in design and operations makes him very effective at large-scale process redesign at the corporate level. His ability to learn quickly and build teams lets him develop frameworks and make progress in the application of new systems and tools. His authentic communication and hands-on style lets him transcend much of the usual resistance to change and make headway on a global basis.”

Neil Hagglund, Corporate VP and Director of Corporate Technology Planning (Retired); Chairman of the Corporate Engineering Council, Motorola

Scott’s expertise and insight drove a large-scale change effort within one of the most challenging cultures I’ve ever encountered – requiring a massive shift from technology-driven to customer-led. Scott’s recruitment of a world-class team, his understanding of human dynamics, and his data-driven systems approach to management allowed us to improve business partner satisfaction, reduce cycle time, and better commercialize technology.”

Jen Miff, Director, Global Research and Staff Operations, Consumer & Market Insights, Motorola Mobility Inc.

Scott does more than just spot technology trends. He’s one of the talented few who knows how to leverage those trends into the marketplace. I got to know Scott when I headed up the US DOT’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration. He was on the short list of ITS thought leaders with a depth in wireless technology and prescient insights on where changing technology would lead. His insights were invaluable to me.”

John Bobo, Legal Counsel, Nascar

Scott has the unique ability to make the complex simple and create an inclusive environment for the entire team. His leadership encourages thinking outside the box and leveraging the perspectives of different departments to bring together effective solutions to business challenges. I had the opportunity to work with Scott in just this situation on MOTODRIVE. Together our teams met timelines, budgets and exceeded expectations. He’s incredibly intelligent but also the kind of person you just simply enjoy working with day in and day out.”

Julie Williams, President, Sherpa Marketing

Scott’s unique combination of technical and business acumen and wisdom helps him see opportunities for bringing new products to market in a successful, competitive way.

Gary Grube, Master inventor with more than 100 issued patents and CEO, Caerus Institute

Robert Grosshandler photo“Scott took the hard-won lessons he learned in a Fortune 100 company and gave us valuable insights into how to apply them to our much smaller enterprise.”


Robert Grosshandler
Founder, iGive.com 

Scott has a strategic eye that is grounded by deep operational and technical organization know how. The progress that was made in Scott’s MOTODRIVE team was innovation in its purest form…a team he constructed and creatively led to position Motorola as a leader in the VII marketplace.”

Lee Callaway, Director, Product Marketing at AT&T Mobility