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The Right Path: Straight Talk for Senior Leaders Who Need to Clear a Path for Growth

Let’s start with some statistics:  not tending the future has big consequences.  According to author and researcher Richard Foster, 75 percent of the S&P 500 will be replaced by 2027.   In working with a C-level client this fall, I’m reminded that today’s hard-driving operational environment leaves precious little time for future building.  I see […]

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Preparing for the Ascent: A Growth Leaders’ Action Plan

  This is the sixth and final post aimed at helping you map your external and internal environments. To recap, we have found that the external environment is understandable and runs on very long, predictable waves of discovery and implementation.  By studying these change waves, you can time your investments to be in the Growth […]

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Why We Need Difficult Leaders

Like so many others in our field, I devoured the Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs the moment it hit the shelves. I was struck by just how far Jobs was from our current managerial ideal, being as he was notoriously difficult and exacting in his vision. Many thousands of hours of managerial training have been […]

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