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Want to Accelerate Innovation? Find Your CMO

I can’t tell you the number of times I’m asked to facilitate a session to accelerate a project and this happens: all the introductions are complete, and while it’s very clear that all the “backstage” players are present (R&D, Development, Corporate Development), the essential front of house team members who connect that value to the […]

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Unlocking Hidden Value: Every Innovator Needs a Growth Leader

We are living in the era of unlocking hidden potential.  Uber set up a marketplace and now unlocks value in both unused vehicle seats and good drivers with time on their hands.  Big data projects go to work mining out value by looking into massive (& valuable) troves of unstructured information behind the firewalls of […]

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The Tech Scout: The Intersection of Investment and Entrepreneurship

One of the most-asked questions I get when working with a team on strategy is, “What’s next?”  “What kind of cutting edge products and services can I expect to see soon?” A great place to look is at the intersection of investment and entrepreneurship.  To gain the most up-to-date insights, I regularly attend showcase sessions […]

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