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How to Make Your Ideas Float

The speeches were done, we enjoyed cake and coffee and finished passing out the checks.  The hardware was on the table (a CEO award).  But more importantly, we had sliced almost half of the time it took us to do custom product development, which was pushing up customer satisfaction and would lock us into designs […]

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Your Incubator is Broken…But it’s Not Your Intrepreneur’s Fault

Getting organic growth projects done in medium and large firms is hard work.  It’s even harder when you’re doing it in addition to your “day job.” These projects are often accomplished  by setting up an internal incubator.  This space is typically well removed from the main “cube farm,” which allows the product team member/ innovator […]

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Fear: A Useful Tool When Finding New Growth Paths

I recall it clearly: I was working with a small manufacturing team that was looking to break out of their current niche.  We had begun doing work on the business model canvas and Growth Zone principles.  We were looking for opportunities in Quadrant One (which is the core), but seeing their strengths and weaknesses effectively […]

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