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How to Avoid Innovation Theatre

It’s very common in mid-sized firms and larger: when a big review is coming up, particularly with the analyst community or a larger customer, there is a need to have a few slides that position the firm as a leader.  The R&D team is tapped for “some content” and many times a project is dusted […]

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4 Ways to Overcome Resistance and Turn Your Growth Strategy Inside Out

Which is more challenging: the internal organizational resistance or market resistance? A portion of my work is spent with cohorts of upwardly mobile, mid-senior leaders who are developing their growth programs as part of their commitment to professional development.  One of them asked me this question during a recent coaching session, and as usual, it […]

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Growth Leaders: How to Punch Above Your Pay Grade

If it wasn’t real, it could have been off a movie set. I walked and walked…past the administrative and waiting area and inside the office.  I had never seen anything quite like this: enormous inlaid desk, conference table, glass cases full of expensive travel artifacts and carpet so thick you had to be careful not […]

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