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Growth Leaders: How to Punch Above Your Pay Grade

If it wasn’t real, it could have been off a movie set. I walked and walked…past the administrative and waiting area and inside the office.  I had never seen anything quite like this: enormous inlaid desk, conference table, glass cases full of expensive travel artifacts and carpet so thick you had to be careful not […]

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Is Your Firm’s Growth Being Held Back by Its History?

I was on the phone with an executive from a mid-sized firm last month, and she was sharing that their growth agenda for the upcoming year was biased toward low risk, “because they lacked the critical mass” to take on a potentially more rewarding project.  I share this not because it’s not a good reason […]

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3 Distractions of a Growth Team and How to Get on Track

Brace yourself for it: the click bait posts will be coming to your inbox soon, with titles like, “The Top Ten Trends to Watch in 2017”, or “Don’t Miss These Three for 2023.”  Why do marketing and consulting firms amplify these and deluge us with them like clockwork every year? Peter Drucker gives us a […]

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