Help team achieve aggressive sales goals

Client:  A Fortune 100 business division and its integrator partners

Challenge:  Get project back on track to grow sales by 100% in 5 years

Solution:  Assembled a cross-functional team – from R&D, sales, product development and strategy – which developed an independent view of opportunity based on first principles to establish true TAM/SAM. Developed mutually beneficial partnership with leading industry global integrator. Built a unique strategy and validated it with top customers, recruited management support and launched.

Result:  Sales grew 100% year over year, raised visibility of team at the customer to C-Level, resulting in pull through business for core as well as growth.

Turn a money-losing unit into a profitable OEM business

Client:  A Fortune 100 global technology leader

Challenge:  Turn a captive components operation that was losing losing revenue over seven figures per month into a growing, profitable OEM business

Solution: Built profitable external relationships with key OEM accounts such as Nokia, Lucent, and Philips. Recruited high-caliber talent to lead design, domestic and international manufacturing. Used the mix of internal and external business to set consistent pricing and delivery across the product line.

Result:  Unit won a competitive mix of internal and external customers and became profitable. Sales doubled in 3 years.

Rapidly scale up global manufacturing and quality

Client:  A Fortune 100 global technology leader

Challenge:  Raise factory output by an order of magnitude while improving quality and lowering unit costs

Solution: Deploy a multi-site factory expansion including capital equipment, facility and personnel plans to expand factory capacity from 20,000 units/week to more than 250,000 units/week. Commission and qualify two major new factory lines in Malaysia and China.

Result:  Exceeded the million units/month capacity goal on time and under budget.

Capitalize on an emerging business opportunity

Client:  A Fortune 500 technology leader and government partners

Challenge:  Gain access to a $1B emerging business opportunity in wireless vehicle and roadside communications

Solution: Built a collaborative internal team from multiple business units, including technology, marketing, finance and sales. Established relationships with automotive OEM’s and Departments of Transportation and developed partnership with world-class infrastructure supplier. Developed the technical reference architecture for a test bed covering multiple square miles in upper Midwest and gained cooperation and funding to move forward.

Result:  A double-digit increase in annual sales.

Design and build a first-of-a-kind factory

Client:  A Fortune 100 global technology leader

Challenge:  Develop first-of-its-kind fully automated precision crystal factory

Solution: Select and put in place a cross-functional group of engineers from design, manufacturing and automation to co-develop design, packaging and manufacturing – in parallel.

Result:  Successfully completed deployment and ramp up in 20 months, including equipment procurement.